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About us

With unparalleled commission capability, comprehensive marketing proposition and exceptional business support, there's good reason we're Australia's premium mortgage aggregator.

Since our establishment in 1999, PLAN Australia has grown to become one of the nation’s largest aggregators. With over 1,400 brokers in our membership, we write in excess of $12 billion in loans each year. Together, we foster an ongoing commitment to excellence through evolution.
We’ve remained at the forefront of the mortgage broking industry by uniting a network of leading mortgage professionals to drive career and business excellence.
Focus Point

How we work with you

In a highly competitive market, we understand exactly what it takes to get to the top. As your business evolves over time, you need the right support to maintain this level of excellence.


We reward dedication and hard work to those striving to become the very best, with a suite of services that are truly best in class. We appreciate that time is your most valuable asset. So we provide the tools and resources to help you focus on what's most important - building your client list, making settlements and keeping up-to-date with industry innovation.

Our Podium 2.0 software platform allows you to seamlessly manage most of your day-today business administration with exceptional CRM and marketing capability.

You'll benefit from the diverse offering from our extensive lender panel, enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of our commission process and have access to our ongoing training and events program.

And with one of the largest networks of Business Development Managers in Australia, you'll have support on hand whenever you need it, from a team committed to your business.


Our promise to you


We act with honesty and with integrity at all times.


We provide unbiased advice.


We maintain confidentiality in all dealings.


We support members* in meeting their responsible lending NCCP regulatory requirements.


We provide access to market leading technology.


We comply with all mortgage industry laws and regulations.


We deliver dynamic education experiences to maintain professional accreditation.


We ensure quality and efficiency in our loan processes.

"We have a real focus on evolution
at PLAN Australia"

Anja Pannek
CEO PLAN Australia


Evolve your business with PLAN Australia

*Access many of the same resources, expertise and materials as our credit representatives so you can adapt them from your own business, saving you time and money. We recommend you seek legal advice as to the suitability of these documents for your business.