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Additional services

Take advantage of our extensive additional tools to build your business. Make the most of our industry partnerships and support services to thrive in today’s competitive lending market.


Buy/sell Facility

Our Buy/sell facility offers you a simple channel where trail books can be bought or sold, based on an established process and proven pricing methodology.

  • Buy or sell a trail book easily and effectively
  • Eliminate the time and expenses associated with finding a buyer or seller, conducting negotiations and related preparation of legal agreements for the sale and aquisition of trail books.
  • Enjoy a transparent pricing methodology*
  • Reduce the costs and risks associated with do-it-yourself transactions

*terms and conditions apply


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PLAN Australia and CoreLogic have partnered to deliver you detailed property reports at discounted rates. enter some text

CoreLogic is the largest provider of property information, analytics and risk management services in Australia and New Zealand, providing approximately 30 million property valuations every month.

The report provides details on a selected property, including a snapshot of comparative sales in the area, together with information on the suburb's profile, residents, house and unit statistics.


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Financial Partner Planner

Assist your clients in achieving their long-term financial plans by providing quality advice beyond lending.

PLAN Australia has partnered with Advantedge Financial Solutions, a specialist business established to meet the financial planning needs of your clients.

Our Partner Planners are self-employed business owners like you, and are authorised representatives of GWM Adviser Services Ltd, part of the NAB group.

The revenue sharing model enables you and your Partner Planner to share both the upfront and ongoing revenue. This provides you with a unique opportunity to diversify your revenue stream and increase the value of your business.

You retain ownership of the client relationship, while your Partner Planner maintains strict confidentiality of your client's data and privacy.


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Aviate Property Group

Aviate Group is one of Australia's leading property research and investment firms, specialising in sourcing high growth and quality 'investment grade' residential property.


By conducting extensive due diligence on potential properties, Aviate Group reduces the uncertainty of selecting an investment property. Only those properties that meet Aviate Group's strict selection criteria are recommended.

Referral and Additional revenue

Refer your customers to Aviate Group for professional, specialised property advice. Referrals that result in the purchase of a recommended property are remunerated to mortgage brokers, providing additional revenue.

In many circumstances, this would be in addition to revenue generated by assisting the customer to obtain finance to purchase a property.


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MFAA mentoring program

Cornerstone offers a two-year mentoring program, designed in accordance with the current finance industry standard and accredited as an MFAA approved mentor program.

Leading Mentor

You’ll be supported by Tracie Palmer, a PLAN Australia member and one of Australia's most awarded Mortgage Brokers.


You’ll receive intensive training and support to help you get on board as a Mortgage Broker.


Monthly meetings are designed to ensure you’re learning at a comfortable pace that suits you.


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